With players like Messi fighting for goals, FC Barcelona tickets are a hot commodity. Whether you are a traveler visiting Barcelona or a native looking to score a great seat at the stadium, finding just the right seats could mean logging in to the club website and waiting for just a bit. The FC Barcelona currently plays the finest football in the world. If you get the chance to visit Barcelona, getting FC Barcelona tickets and watching Messi, Xavi and Iniesta play in Camp Nou should also be part of the experience. Even with your girlfriend. You will not regret it. Now you must be wondering, how on Earth can I get FC Barcelona tickets for a game in Camp Nou? Here are a few useful tips.

Free That Spot

Season FC Barcelona ticket holders have some of the best seats in the house. While many fans make it to every game, there are a million and one reasons why that fan may have to miss a game. FC Barcelona tickets are offered on a "free your seat" system that allows the season holders to release their seats back into the general public pool for sale if they are unable to attend a match.

These seats will be updated on an ever cheap FC barcelona tickets changing basis, so just because the match seems sold out on Monday, does not mean Tuesday will not hold a few seats that can be purchased at general public prices. Checking the club website under the match title is the best way to find these released seats and catch a great deal.

Travelers to Spain can also check out the official merchandise store for the club. At times, tickets will be available for last minute purchase. Ticketing offices are open up until the match begins, so any last minute releases by season holders may be able to be purchased at the door. Patience and a bit of luck can mean the difference between watching the match on television and being in the heat of the excitement at the stadium.